Sunday, February 3, 2013

How to create music playlist for My Book Live network hard drive and play it on TV

1. Download the freeware Playlist Creator on

2. Install the Playlist Creator software on your computer.

3. Copy the mp3 music files in the folder: My Network Places\Public on My Book Live Network Storage\Shared Music.

4. Open Playlist Creator.

5. Click the Add Folder button on the top right.

6. Specify the source folder from which music files (mp3) will be taken to create a play list.

7. Use the up and down arrow to arrange the order of songs to play.

8. Use the Add Files button to add more files to the playlist.

9. On Save Location, select the folder on the My Book Live Network Drive where the playlist file will be saved.

10. Specify the desired name of your playlist.

11. Select .m3u for the type of playlist.

12. Click Create Playlist button.

13. To test the playlist, go to Smart Share (LG Smart TV) and then select MyBookLive-Twonky media server.

14. On Music, select Playlists (buttom right).

To edit a playlist that is already created, open the Playlist Creator program, click the Open button on the top to open and edit or add or remove a song from an existing playlist.

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