Tuesday, September 24, 2013

How to put PIN on Shaw Cable TV Parental Control

The following steps are based on Shaw Cable TV and remote procedures. The purpose of this blog post is how to secure the Video on Demand service on your Shaw Cable TV. My baby (1 year old) daughter accidentally pressed on the Video on Demand button on the remote and pressed on Movies and "watched" movie. Upon receipt of my cable bill, I have to pay $4.99 for the movie that was uncalled for and unintentional.

How to Lock the video On Demand Service on Shaw Cable:

1. Settings (MENU).

2. Home icon.

3. OK.

4. More Choices.

5. Setup.

6. OK.

7. Parental Control Setup.

8. Enter a 4-digit PIN.

9. Confirm new PIN.

10. Service Locks.

11. Video on Demand.

12. OK.

* You will see a Padlock icon next to Video on Demand.

* When you press Video on Demand on the remote control, it will ask you to enter your PIN.

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