Sunday, May 4, 2014

How to use your phone's wi-fi to call or text free

Mobile Carriers will CHARGE YOU EXCESSIVE MONEY when you use your
cellphone abroad/international outside your country. To avoid these
suckers of money from robbing you, follow these simple steps:

How to avoid roaming charges overseas:

1. Remove your SIM card.

2. Use Wi-fi to make free texts and calls.
    a. Settings
    b. Wireless and network
    c. Turn on Airplane mode (flight mode)
    d. Wi-Fi settings
    e. Turn on Wi-Fi

3. Find a wifi hotspot and download any of the following apps:
    - Textme
    - Pinger
    - textPlus
    - WhatsApp
    - WeChat
    - KakaoTalk
    - Viber

The person you are texting or calling will receive messages and calls
even without downloading the following apps in their smartphone:

No download required to receive messages or calls using:
    - Textme
    - Pinger
    - textPlus

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