Sunday, April 27, 2014

What does Prepaid Unlimited Talk and Text means?

Example: Unlimited Talk and Text Prepaid Plan
Cost:       $55 for 30 days

 - Today, April 27th, you bought $55 prepaid card
 - You load this card to your cell phone
 - You will then have:
    -- unlimited local incoming calls and messages (text, picture, video)
    -- unlimited local outgoing calls and messages (text, picture, video)

 - On or before May 27th
 - You must buy a $55 prepaid card to cover you for unlimited talk and text for the next 30 days (until June 26)


30 cents/minute
20 cents/text message

Topping up and carry over to the next month:


April 27th - I have 10 dollars remaining on my account

April 30th - My balance expires:  meaning that my 10 dollars will be gone and not carried over to the next month (unless I top up before April 30)

April 29th - I added 25 dollars:   so, because I topped up before April 30 (my expiration date), my total balance would be ( $10 + $25 ) = $35

Topping up before the expiration date:

- any unused balance will be carried over to the next month
- top up via: Credit card, Wireless top-up card, INTERAC Online, directly from your bank account


Unlimited Talk + Messaging 55

$55 for 30 days  

Unlimited local incoming calls
Unlimited local outgoing calls

Unlimited text, picture and video messages from Canada to Canadian and US numbers
Unlimited texts to international numbers
Unlimited incoming messages  

note 2:

30-day rate plans and add-ons expire after 30 days and are set to automatically renew every 30 days. You can remove autorenewal by calling #123 from your device or by logging in to your account at Rate plans and add-ons can only be renewed when there are sufficient credits in the account to pay the price. If you have less than 30 days left on your account balance and purchase a 30-day rate plan or add-on, the expiry date on your balance is reset to 30 days from the purchase, so that the balance and the rate plan or add-on expire at the same time. Pay per day add-ons are automatically renewed at 12:00am and the add-on price is withdrawn from the prepaid account balance.

note 3:

Premium and subscription messages are not included. Customers with devices not able to display picture or video messages will receive a text message that includes a web address for viewing. On BlackBerry devices, video and picture messaging are only available with a BlackBerry add-on.


$55.75 Prepaid Unlimited

    Unlimited anytime local minutes
    Unlimited text messages in Canada and Canada to U.S.
    Unlimited picture and video messages in Canada and Canada to U.S.
    Unlimited international text messages
    Unlimited international picture and video messages
    $0.50 /min. long distance within Canada and from Canada to U.S.
$55.75 /mo.

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