Wednesday, April 16, 2014

How to Create Reminder in Windows XP & Windows 7

How to make a Pop-up Reminder in WINDOWS XP

1. Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Notepad
2. Write a note for your Reminder
3. Save
4. Remember the folder where you saved your Reminder
5. Start -> Control Panel -> Scheduled Tasks -> Add Scheduled Task
6. Next
7. Browse
8. Go to the folder where you saved your Reminder
9. Double click your Reminder
10. Type a name for this Task
11. Perform this Task (Select: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, One time
only, When my computer starts, When I log on)
12. In this example, I select Daily
13.  Next
14. Adjust Start Time (this is when your Reminder will pop-up)
15. Perform this task (Select: Everyday, Weekdays, Every x number
of days)
16. Choose a Start Date (for your Popup Reminder)
17. Next
18. Enter User Name in Windows
19. Enter your Windows password
20. Confirm password
21. Click Finish to add this task to your Windows schedule


How to schedule a Desktop Popup Notification in WINDOWS 7

1. Start
2. Type "tasks" in search
3. Select Schedule tasks
4. In Task Scheduler, click Action menu
5. Create Basic Task
6. Basic Task wizard launches
7. Give a name for your pop up reminder
8. Next
9. Choose the frequency of notification: (One Time, Daily, Weekly,
10. Next
11. Select the start date and start time of your desktop reminder
12. Next
13. Select Display a message
14. Next
15. Put Title of your reminder
16. Type what you want to appear in Message Screen Alert Box
17. Next
18. Finish

Example of Pop up Reminder: