Sunday, December 16, 2012

How to add bullets in Notepad, Word, Powerpoint, Excel (keyboard shortcuts)

It depends on the user but some people prefer mouse clicks, touchpad clicks, and keyboard shortcuts. Sometimes you find it very convenient to know and use the keyboard shortcuts. It allows faster typing and even relaxes the fingers. I have gathered here the keyboard shortcut on How to add bullets in Notepad, and in commonly used Microsoft Office documents namely Word, Powerpoint, and Excel.

How to add a bullet in Notepad:

a.] Press the Numlock in your Numeric Keypad.
b.] Press and Hold the ALT button.
c.] While holding the ALT button, Press any of the following numbers on the Numeric Keypad.
4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 16, 175, 249, 250, 254, 0149 (bullet style differs depending on the number and font set)
d.] Release the ALT button.

How to add a bullet in Word:

Keyboard shortcut: CTRL + SHIFT + L  ---> dark circle bullets
Menu: Click Format --> Bullets and Numbering

How to create bullets in Powerpoint:

Keyboard shortcut: ALT + O + B
Keyboard shortcut: Shift + F10 + B
Menu: Click Format --> Bullets and Numbering.

How to put bullets in Microsoft Excel 2010:

1. Put cursor into the cell.
2. Use the keyboard shortcut  Alt + 7.
*. Also you can use the keyboard shortcut  Alt + 9.