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Ipad and Ipad 2: Comparison, Differences, Similarities, and Technical Specifications

Ipad 2 is the latest and newest version of the Ipad tablet computer which was released on April 2010. With the new Ipad 2 released on March 2011, its OS is 4.3, Processor is A5, dual core, with front and rear camera, screen rotation in all four directions, it is 33% thinner, 15% lighter, with lots of improved, new stuff, cooler and more enjoyable features than the previous Ipad release. Ipad 2 is simply a prettier gadget to surf the web, read e-books, watch videos, record videos, take photos, play games, video-calling, locate an address, listen to music, and many more fun things for you to enjoy, explore and take advantage of.

Ipad vs. Ipad 2 Comparison and Differences in Technical Specifications:

Operating system (OS):
Ipad: OS 4.2.1
Ipad 2:    OS 4.3
*** Ipad 2 has newer OS version

Ipad: 9.56 inch
Ipad 2: 9.5 inch
*** Ipad 2 is shorter

Ipad:  7.47 inch
Ipad 2: 7.31 inch
*** Ipad 2 is smaller in length

Ipad: 0.52 inch
Ipad 2: 0.34 inch
*** Ipad 2 size is thinner

Ipad: 1.5 lbs (Wi-Fi), 1.6 lbs(3G)
Ipad 2:    1.33 lbs (Wi-Fi) 1.35 lbs (GSM)
*** Ipad 2 is lighter in both Wifi and GSM models

Edge Finish:
*** iPad 2 has smoother edges and sleeker finish

Ipad: 1 GHz Apple A4 (single core)
Ipad 2: 1.08 GHz Apple A5 (dual core)
*** Ipad 2 has more powerful and faster processor for running multiple applications

Random Access Memory (RAM):
iPad: 256 MB
iPad2: 512 MB
*** iPAD2 has bigger RAM

iPAD: none
iPAD 2:
Front Camera - VGA-quality still camera, video recording (30 frames per second with audio)
Rear Camera - 5x digital zoom still camera, video recording, HD (720p), 30 frames per second with audio
*** iPAD 2 has both front and rear cameras

Video out:
Ipad: none
Ipad 2: HDMI (w/ accessory included)
*** Ipad 2 has an HDMI video out

Audio playback:
Ipad: none
Ipad2: Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound pass-through (with Apple Digital AV Adapter)
*** Ipad2 has Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound capability

3G Radio:
ipad: no   
ipad2: CDMA, EV-DO
*** ipad2 has 3G Radio (CDMA)

IPAD: none
IPAD 2: Yes   
*** IPAD 2 has a gyroscope

Price (Wi-Fi):
iPad: starts at    $399
ipad 2: starts at $499
*** ipad 2 is more expensive

Price (3G):
Ipad: starting at $529
Ipad2: starting at $629
*** Ipad is cheaper

iPad and iPad 2 Similarities in Specs:

The following features are present and the same in both the IPAD and IPAD 2 as well:

Battery Life and Power:
10 hours continous use (25-watt-hr rechargeable lithium-polymer)

Battery Life and Power:
30 days (1 month before recharging) stand-by mode

Battery Charging:
via power adapter or USB to computer system

Display size:
9.7 inch diagonal

Display Resolution:
1024 x 768 (with LED Backlighting)

Wi-Fi access:
802.11 a/b/g/n

3G Radio (GSM):   

2.1 + EDR technology


User Storage capacity:
16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB flash drive

Ambient Light, Accelerometer sensor

Wi-Fi, Digital Compass (Magnetometer)
Wi-Fi, Digital compass, Assisted GPS, Cellular (WiFi+3G Model)

Language support:
multi-language, international languages supported

Dictionary support:
multi-language, international languages

Operating temperature:
32° to 95° F (0° to 35° C)

Maximum operating altitude:
10,000 feet (3000 m)

Input and output:
* 30-pin dock connector port
* 3.5-mm stereo headphone minijack
* Built-in speaker
* Microphone (Mic)
* Micro-SIM card tray (Wi-Fi + 3G model)

System Requirements:   
Mac OS:
 * Mac computer with USB 2.0 port
 * Mac OS X v10.5.8 or later
 * iTunes 9.0, iTunes 10.2 or later
 * iTunes Store account
 * Internet access

 * PC with USB 2.0 port
 * Windows 7; Windows Vista; Windows XP Home; Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 3 or later
 * iTunes 10.2 or later recommended
 * iTunes Store account
 * Internet access

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