Saturday, December 15, 2012

How to unlock mobile phone SIM card

How can I make my smartphone or cell phone work in any country that I visit? How to unlock my cell phone or smartphone? These are the common questions that travelers often ask when they go from one country to another and want to use a local mobile network carrier so that they can save money and take advantage of promotional offers. Once your mobile phone is unlocked, it will work with any SIM card. Mobile phone manufacturers include a feature called SIM lock or network lock. This locking feature is used by mobile network providers or carriers to limit your phone's usability to a specific country and mobile network signal providers. This would mean that they can take advantage of offers and contracts so that they will recover their promotional offers (cheap phones or free phones) in exchange of you signing to a contract of usually 3 years and you can select among option based on your preferences, each option with different monthly bill. If your phone is locked, then it would prevent you from breaking the original contract. They lock your phone for safety in case you sign a new contract with a new mobile network provider while being actively under a contract. To avoid contracts and be on the safe side, choose "Pay as you go" or Pre-paid or other similar options. The first important question to take into consideration is:
Is mobile unlocking legal?

Unlocking your mobile phone (smartphones, cellular phones) is absolutely LEGAL.

What is considered illegal?

Unblocking a mobile phone or device is illegal. This is usually in the case where a phone was lost or stolen and was reported by the owner of the phone and consequently blocked by the carrier networks. Unblocking is when you make the phone to work again by crafty means even if it is being actively blocked. Don't attempt to do this. Severe penalty will result.

Is there a catch?

Be careful about your phone's warranty. If you unlock your smartphone or cellullar device, it will make your warranty invalid.

What is the most common way of mobile unlocking?

Entering a mobile unlock code is the easiest way of unlocking your mobile device. This is FREE. Once the unlock code is entered, it  allows your mobile phone to work with any network in any country in the  world. This unlock code will make your phone to work with any mobile network carrier which then lets you take advantage of savings (no more worries about roaming charges, etc.).

How to unlock my mobile phone: 3 simple steps

1. Obtain your mobile phone information

a. find the brand or model number of your phone (located on either the handset, it's box, or documents)
b. know the network carrier of your phone (this is the one that gives your phone a signal, a network access)
c. find the IMEI code. The International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) code is a unique identifier of all mobile phones manufactured. To find your IMEI code, simply type *#06# or *#6# into your handset , and write down correctly the number on a piece of paper. Also the IMEI number can be found under the battery of your phone.

2. Get the unlock code

This can be done by searching for sites with a list of unlock codes for specific brands and models of phones. Nokia phones are one of the easiest to unlock because of the many websites providing the lists of unlock codes for free. Yes, no charge. You can also get unlock codes by calling a company or internet site for a small fee. Other options are paid services - you pay and they give you your unlock codes or you can bring your phone and they will unlock your phone for you. Some unlock codes are being generated by free downloadable softwares too.

3. Enter unlock code to your mobile phone

For Nokia phones, the code is in the format #pw+1234567890+1# or in the sample format #pw+123456789012345+1# or for other brands of smartphones and cellphones, the code format is *1234*567#. After successfully entering your unlock code, you will get a message saying
 "phone restriction off" or similar messages. This step is extremely critical because you have 3 to 5 attempts to input your unlock code for your device. Be careful and check for accuracy. Also make sure you have the correct IMEI code so you will get the correct unlock code.


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