Sunday, December 16, 2012

How to remove green plus + sign in notification bar on your smartphone

You ever experienced those annoying ads on your phone that you never knew where you got it from? Chances are they came with free software apps that you downloaded and installed on your mobile phone device, i.e. your smartphone. These Push Notifications ads are pain in the eyes, they are terrible, everytime I open my cellphone, it shows a virus alert, virus scan, and many ads that are uncalled for and waste of time clearing. Yes, you can always clear them using the Clear button but the best way to get rid of these awful ads is to remove and uninstall the application that is generating these ads. Below is a simple method, an effective way of totally eliminating these push notification ads on your phone:

1. Go to Google Play store.
2. Download Addons Detector by DENPER.
3. Accept and install the app.
4. Once installed, go to Applications and tap on Addons Detector.
5. Tap on Scan, which is the red center button.
6. At the bottom left, it will display the number of Apps and the number of Addons on the bottom right.
7. Press the Addons button, which is the top green button.
8. On Potential addons list, under Filter: Push Notifications, it will list down the apps that might be displaying the unwanted and annoying addons on your smartphone.
9. Tap on Home button.
10. Go to Settings.
11. Applications.
12. Manage Applications.
13. Select the application(s) listed on the Potential addons list.
14. Uninstall.
15. OK.     
16. Run the Addons Detector until it says "No applications with addons".     

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