Sunday, December 9, 2012

How to clean Laptop fan

How to clean laptop computer cooling fan?
Do you hear that annoying sound of your laptop computer's fan when it is running fast, hard, and noisy especially when you are playing online videos such as youtube videos or when playing video games? Does your laptop touchpad, keys, and keyboard heat up? Does the bottom or underneath of your laptop is abnormally hot and noisy? If the answer to any or all of these questions is yes, chances are that your laptop computer cooling fan and air suction, exhaust, and passage grill or screen are dirty. Below I will describe clearly and logically in an easy and simple to follow instructions the step by step procedure how to carefully and safely clean your laptop cooling system.

How to clean laptop computer cooling fan and cooling system:

1. Shutdown and turn the power off your laptop. Remove the charger chord and the battery.

2. Close the lid (screen) of your laptop.

3. Turn your laptop upside down so that the bottom part is now facing you.

4. With an appropriate screwdriver, loosen the screw of the cover where your cooling fan is located.

5. Unscrew the cooling system fastening screws. In this Asus 2004 model laptop, there are 4 screws.
Fig. 2.

6. Unscrew the fan securing screws. These are 3 screws secured to the fan housing assembly.
Fig. 3.

7. Lift the fan from the fan housing. Be careful not to pull the wires connecting the fan to the laptop.
Fig. 4.

8. Remove the cooling fan housing. Clean inside and outside of the housing.
Fig. 5.

9. Clean using smooth lint free cloth, don't use corrosive cleaning solutions. Moisten the cloth with little amount of water.
Fig. 6.

10. Clean the air inlet grille. This is the most important part to clean as this is where the air passes through the small grill openings. This is the most dirty area where the dust and dust bunnies accumulate, blocking the air flow and causing your laptop to overheat because cooling air passage is restricted.
Fig. 7.

11. Clean the cooling fan blades and surrounding areas of the fan.

12. After cleaning is done, assemble and screw the fan to the fan housing. Screw the fan housing and assembly to the bottom of the laptop. Finally screw the cover underneath the laptop.

13. Replace the laptop battery and plug the charger.

14. Test the laptop. It should now be quiet and cool in operation.

1-Upside down.

2-Unscrew the cooling system fastening screws.
3-Unscrew the fan securing screws.
4-Lift the fan from from the fan housing.
5-Remove the cooling fan housing.
6-Cooling fan housing and cooling assembly to be cleaned.
7-Air inlet grill to be cleaned.

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