Saturday, December 15, 2012

How to use Smartphone to access internet on Laptop computer

On airports, malls, and other areas where there are free mobile wi-fi hotspots, you can browse and surf the web. But what about when you are in a place where your laptop can find mobile wireless networks but they are all security-enabled networks and all you have is your smartphone? Don't lose hope, you can still browse and surf the internet by setting up your smartphone's internet access to work on your laptop computer. Your smartphone's data and internet access can be configured to provide internet on your laptop. In this way, you can surf the internet using your laptop which provides better and faster experience because of the larger monitor screen, comfortable keyboard, etc. Follow the simple easy steps below to setup your cellphone for your laptop internet access.

Smartphone Setup
1. Settings
2. Wireless & Networks
3. Tethering & Mobile Hotspot
4. Put a check on Wi-Fi hotspot
Hotspot "device name - MB123-1234" connected
A warning message will pop up saying this application will impact battery life and recommend running the application with the charger connected. A security warning also says that your smartphone device allows you to create a Mobile Hotspot wireless network, which may be accessible by unauthorized users. It is strongly recommeded that you use a strong password to protect your network.
5. Press OK
6. Wi-Fi hotspot settings
7. Configure wi-fi hotspot
- setup Network SSID
- for Security, select WPA2 PSK
- put a strong password
8. Save

Laptop computer setup:

1. Click Start
2. Control Panel
3. Network Connections
4. Double click Wireless network connection
5. Click Refresh network list
6. Choose a wireless network
7. Select the device name (MB123-1234)
8. Press Connect
9. Enter the password that you setup above on smartphone.
10. When successfully connected,
Open internet browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.)
Surf the're good to go!     

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