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Shortcut keys for Windows, Windows Explorer, Word, Internet Explorer, Firefox, & Google Chrome

If you can do something fast and you know how to do it faster, why not do it? Yes, the mouse is fine and the touchpad is doing great but sometimes your fingers get stressed by using them over and over again for continuous period of time that you want to get rest and relax. By knowing keyboard shortcuts, there is an alternate way of achieving the same results and often faster and reliable. It buys you some time to relax the finger muscles you have been using and use another finger or group of muscles and bones, therefore a balance is achieved, giving you comfort and relieving some stress.

For some people, keyboard shortcuts are very convenient and they do work faster, save time, and do more. Anyways, my objective is to provide help to people who wants to know and learn some helpful keyboard shortcut keys for their benefit and convenience. There are three groups of keyboard shortcuts here: Windows and Windows Explorer, Microsoft Word, and Browser shortcuts (this applies to Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome).

Important Note:
When pressing more than one key, the + key is not part of the shortcut. For example, CTRL + ESC means that you have to press the CTRL and ESC keys only. The + key is not part part of the shortcut, therefore, it is NOT to be pressed.

Windows and Windows Explorer shortcut keys

Function keys keyboard shortcuts:
F1 --- Help
F2 --- Rename
F3 --- Find
F4 --- Go to a different folder
F5 --- Refresh
F6 --- Move among panes
F10 --- Menu bar options

Single key keyboard shortcuts:
ESC --- Cancel
TAB --- Move next
ENTER --- Go (same effect as click)
ALT --- Works in combination with an underlined letter
SHIFT --- Bypass automatic run of CD, DVD
SPACEBAR --- Enter, Toggle, Select
INSERT --- Insert an object, letter, word, or item without replacing
DELETE --- Delete an item and put in Recycle Bin
BACKSPACE --- Go Back, Switch to the parent folder

SHIFT combination keyboard shortcuts:
SHIFT+TAB --- Move previous
SHIFT+DELETE --- Delete item permanently (this does not go to Recycle Bin)
SHIFT+F10 --- Context menu for the selected item (same effect as Right-click)
SHIFT+Windows Logo+M --- Undo minimize all

ALT combination keyboard shortcuts:
ALT+TAB --- Switch between open programs
ALT+F4 --- Quit program, Close window
ALT+DOWN ARROW --- Drop-down list
ALT+ENTER --- Open properties of selected object
ALT+SPACE --- Display system menu

CTRL combination keyboard shortcuts:
CTRL+ESC --- Open Start menu
CTRL+ENTER --- Maximize window, Full screen
CTRL+Z --- Undo
CTRL+C --- Copy
CTRL+V --- Paste
CTRL+X --- Cut
CTRL+A --- Select all
CTRL+B --- Bold
CTRL+U --- Underline
CTRL+I --- Italic

Windows Logo key combination keyboard shortcuts:
Windows Logo --- Start menu
Windows Logo+F1 --- Windows Help and Support Center
Windows Logo+E --- Windows Explorer
Windows Logo+F --- Find files or folders (Search)
Windows Logo+L --- Lock the computer
Windows Logo+L --- Log off Windows
Windows Logo+R --- Run
Windows Logo+M --- Minimize all
Windows Logo+D --- Minimizes all open windows and displays the desktop
Windows Logo+TAB --- Cycle taskbar
Windows Logo+Break --- System Properties

Three-key combination keyboard shortcuts:
CTRL+SHIFT+ESC --- Opens Windows Task Manager
CTRL+ALT+DEL --- Windows Task Manager, Logoff, Lock, Restart, Shutdown


Microsoft Word keyboard shortcut keys

Function key shortcut keys:
F1 --- Help
F2 --- Edit, Move Text
F4 --- Redo or Repeat
F8 --- Begin highlight, Extend Selection
F9 --- Update Fields
F10 --- Menu
F11 --- Next Field
F12 --- Save As

Single shortcut keys:
ESC --- Cancel
END --- End of Line
TAB --- Next Cell
INSERT --- Overwrite, Overtype
HOME --- Start of Line              
DELETE --- Erase, Clear, Delete

CTRL shortcut keys: File, Page
Save --- CTRL+S
New Document --- CTRL+N
Open Document --- CTRL+O
Print --- CTRL+P
Print Preview --- CTRL+F2
Page Break --- CTRL+ENTER

CTRL shortcut keys: Word formatting, Picture, Number, Characters
Copy --- CTRL+C
Paste --- CTRL+V
Cut --- CTRL+X 
Undo --- CTRL+Z
Redo or Repeat -- CTRL+Y
Subscript --- CTRL+ =
Superscript --- CTRL+SHIFT+ =

CTRL shortcut keys: Formatting, Paragraph, Sentence
Left --- CTRL+L
Right --- CTRL+R
Center --- CTRL+E
Justify --- CTRL+J
Indent --- CTRL+M
Bold --- CTRL+B
Italic --- CTRL+I
Underline --- CTRL+U

CTRL shortcut keys: Find and Replace (Searching words)
Find --- CTRL+F
Replace --- CTRL+H

CTRL shortcut keys: Selection, Highlighting
Select All --- CTRL+A
Highlight until the Start of Document --- CTRL+SHIFT+HOME
Highlight until End of document --- CTRL+SHIFT+END

CTRL shortcut keys: Linking, Locking
Hyperlink --- CTRL+K
Unlink Fields --- CTRL+6
Unlock Fields --- CTRL+4

CTRL shortcut keys: Cursor, Document
Word Left --- CTRL+LEFT
Word Right --- CTRL+RIGHT
Browse Next --- CTRL+PAGE DOWN
Browse Previous --- CTRL+PAGE UP
End of Document --- CTRL+END
Start of Document --- CTRL+HOME

SHIFT shortcut keys:
Highlight Up --- SHIFT+UP
Highlight Page Up --- SHIFT+PAGE UP
Highlight Down --- SHIFT+DOWN
Highlight Page Down --- SHIFT+PAGE DOWN
Highlight until End of Line --- SHIFT+END
Highlight until the Start of Line --- SHIFT+HOME
Change Case --- SHIFT+F3
Previous Cell --- SHIFT+TAB
Previous Field --- SHIFT+F11
Repeat Find --- SHIFT+F4
Thesaurus --- SHIFT+F7
Tool --- SHIFT+F1

ALT shortcut keys:
Close or Exit --- ALT+F4
Start of Row --- ALT+HOME
End of Row --- ALT+END
End of Column --- ALT+PAGE DOWN
Previous Object --- ALT+UP
Dictionary --- ALT+SHIFT+F7
Browser Keyboard shortcuts for Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome

Function keys shortcuts:
F3 --- Find
F5 --- Refresh page
F11 --- Full-screen, Regular view
F10 --- Menu

Single key shortcuts:
ESC --- Stop downloading
BACKSPACE --- Go Back, Undo, Return

ALT keys shortcuts:
ALT + Left Arrow --- Back
ALT + Right Arrow --- Forward
ALT + HOME --- Homepage

CTRL keys shortcuts:
CTRL + +  --- Zoom In
CTRL + -  --- Zoom Out
CTRL+ 0 --- Zoom Reset
CTRL + S --- Save, Save Page as
CTRL + O --- Open file
CTRL + T     --- New tab
CTRL + N --- New Window
CTRL + F --- Find within the page
CTRL + P --- Print
CTRL + R --- Reload page
CTRL + I --- Open Favorites
CTRL + D --- Add to Favorites, Add to Bookmarks
CTRL + B --- Open Favorites, Organize Favorites folder,  Open Bookmarks
CTRL + W --- Close tab
CTRL + TAB --- Switch tabs

SHIFT + ENTER --- Open link in new window (must be selected by TAB first)

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