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How to share contacts and send photos from one smartphone to another using Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that allows you to share or send photos and contact information from one smartphone to another. Although Bluetooth is limited in wireless range to about 30 feet or 10 meters, it provides easy, convenient and hassle free setup without having to use any wires. Bluetooth has many other uses such as hands-free calling, car deck, car video deck, Bluetooth speakers, headsets, GPS, laptop, desktop, notebook computers, TVs, Smart TV, Blu-ray players, Home Theater systems, wireless printing, and many more. Below is a simple, easy to follow, step by step instructions on

How to share contacts and send pictures from one smartphone to another using Bluetooth:

Pair Both Phones

1. Go to Home -> Settings -> Wireless and Network -> Turn on Bluetooth. Do the same steps for the other phone.
2. At this point, both phones should have their Bluetooth connectivity turned on. In Bluetooth Settings, Scan for devices.
3. Select the device you want to pair (which is the other phone).
4. The Pairing process will send a numeric password or code to the other device to be paired with.
5. The other smartphone will be asked for Confirmation, if the password or code is the same from the one sent to the one received, the other phone is ready to Accept the device. Once the Accept button is pressed, both smartphones should now be paired. In some devices, when the pairing procedure is successful, it should indicate Paired, in other devices, it says "Paired but not connected", but in both cases, it should work.

Sharing or sending pictures or photos

1. Go to Home -> Applications
2. Press Camera
3. Select a photo or picture to share or send
4. You can tap (slightly press) the photo or press the Options button
5. Select Share
6. Share picture via -> Bluetooth
7. Select the paired device
8. Authorization request is sent
9. Press Accept button
10. To confirm if the file is received and transfer operation is a success, go to Home -> Applications
11. Files -> bluetooth folder
12. Search for the picture/photo.

Sharing or sending contact information

1. Go to Contacts
2. Select a contact
3. Press and hold the contact
4. Scroll down the menu to Send namecard via
5. Select Bluetooth
6. Press the Paired smartphone to Send to the selected device
7. On the other phone, a Notification is sent. It will ask for Confirmation and shows the Accept button
8. Once it is accepted and sent successfully, a notification is sent again both the sending and receiving device
9. To confirm that you really received the file, go to Home -> Applications
10. Files -> Internal phone storage
11. Scroll to Bluetooth folder
12. Find the name card.

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